Numbers and Nuance - Kyle Anderson

There has been a lot of mixed opinions on what Kyle Anderson might be able to bring to the table next season.  I have some not-so well known statistics that provide more than what meets the eye for the Grizzlies new play-making wing.




-          16th win Defensive Win Shares (#8 amongst perimeter players)

-          3rd in Defensive Box Score Plus/Minus (#1 perimeter wings)

-          32nd overall amongst NBA Players in Total RPM (#16 overall in DRPM; #2 amongst SF’s only behind Covington)

-          Led the Spurs in box plus/mins (not including Kawhi) and 2nd on the team in win shares

-          4th in steal %


Via advanced stats

-          Best defensive lineups with at least 100 minutes or more played last season:

-          Spurs lineup ranked 9th defensively (94.3) featuring Mills, Murray, Green, Anderson, LMA (Anderson playing PF) – NetRtg 13.1

-          Offensive Rating was 107.4 with a total net rating

-          Taking jumpers off the pick and roll, Kyle is 6-20 and ranked 154 out of 177 players

-          One dribble jumpshots, he’s shooting 64% (38-59 FG), which ranked 8th overall with as many attempts

-          Shot 50% from the left corner 3 (8-16) last season

-          Shot 69.2% at the rim (128-185) – League Average is 63.1%

-          Above league average on mid range jumpers (44% compared to 39% LA)


Related to Kyle’s contract – it’s a long-term deal, however, the money is good when compared to the % of the salary cap. $9.3M is under 10% of the cap. To put it into perspective, the old 2014 NBA (cap was around $56M), this contract would be about $5.5M or 4 years / $22M .