NBA Draft Scenarios: Healthy Michael Porter Jr. Can Only Be A Good Thing For The Grizzlies On Draft Night

The entire NBA landscape had their eyes on the Golden St. Warriors Friday night as they completed a four-game sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals but there was also a significant amount of attention outside of Cleveland. Priority Sports hosted an NBA Draft Pro Day yesterday in Chicago, and the resounding wild card of the draft, Michael Porter Jr was the main attraction. Several teams, including the Grizzlies had representatives in attendance to view Porter Jr., whose back injury has placed him anywhere in the draft from second to the middle of the first round.

All reports have came back that Porter looked impressive and the resounding thought after the pro day was that he will not be available to a team like Chicago, to whom he's often been linked to.  This also should be taken with a grain of salt due to the dog and pony show tendencies that pro days are known to possess.   Priority will host a second pro day next week that will include Porter and I'd also expect the Grizzlies to be in attendance.  Porter also took a physical for the event and his records are still pending with an expectation from the Grizzlies that they will be allowed access to the results.  His doctor is also said to have noted that he projects Porter to grow to be 7 feet tall.

Assuming that Porter Jr.'s medical records come back favorable, this will be a definite plus for the Grizzlies. Either because he becomes a player that the Grizzlies can outright take at 4, or because he could move up into the top 3, Pushing either Doncic, Bagley or both to the Grizzlies depending on what else jumps off on draft night.  I will go over a few of the most likely scenarios for the Grizzlies and explain how a healthy version of Michael Porter Jr effects so much at the top of the draft.

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Scenario 1: Top 3 Goes "According To Plan"

Most mock drafts have a top 3 that consists of Deandre Ayton, Luka Doncic and Marvin Bagley going in some order.  This would leave Porter Jr., whom I believe to be the best option available, at four.  I can definitely see the Grizz taking him to be the long sought after potential wing star that the team has coveted.

  • PHX: Ayton
  • SAC: Doncic/Bagley
  • ATL: Doncic/Bagley
  • MEM: Porter Jr


Scenario 2: MPJ's Stock Rises; Places Him In The Top 3

Before Porter's injury, several mocks had him as the number one overall draft pick based on his high school and summer basketball performance.  It shouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to see a scenario where Porter who was once slated to be available at 7 is now a top 3 pick.  Could a team like Sacramento or Atlanta who are both void of a wing scorer take him?  If so I believe that this makes a player like Bagley or Doncic available at 4.

  • PHX: Ayton
  • SAC: Porter Jr/Doncic
  • ATL: Porter Jr/Bagley
  • MEM: Bagley/Doncic

Scenario 3: Another Player Outside Of These Four Gets Picked In Top 3

Some mocks suggest that a player like Jaren Jackson Jr., Trae Young or Mo Bamba could possibly sneak into the top 3 with Atlanta being rumored to be enamored with namely Young and Jackson Jr. This would be an amazing scenario for the Grizz but also one that really forces them to not only trust their draft board, but to have picked wisely when creating one.  If this scenario happens the Grizz could have their choice of either Bagley, Doncic or Porter.  

  • PHX: Ayton
  • SAC: Doncic/Bagley/Porter
  • ATL: Doncic/Bagley/Porter/Young/JJJ/Bamba
  • MEM: Bagley/Doncic/Porter

Scenario 4: Someone Above Memphis Trades Their Pick.

This could look like scenarios 1, 2, or 3 but of course with different teams involved.  The most likely candidate is probably Atlanta who is rumored to be interested in Trae Young and might want to trade down to take him.  There have been mild rumors concerning Sacramento as well. Could a team trade up to take Porter Jr? Or Doncic who is rumored to possibly not want to be taken by Sacramento?

Scenario 5: Memphis Could Trade Down or Out Of The Draft


Healthy Michael Porter Jr.'s stock WILL rise.  Many reports say that the Bulls were told by Porter's representatives that at this point that if they want him, they will have to trade up for him.  With this being sad a team like the Grizzlies might bite on the Bulls 7th and 22nd pick in an effort to take someone like a Wendall Carter, Trae Young or Mikal Bridges.  I'm personally not a fan of this because I think that if Porter Jr. is healthy there is no reason why he should get passed up by Memphis.

Michael Porter Jr went from being a tall kid on the sideline in street clothes to the player that could completely shake up the draft.  His health leads me to think that the most likely outcome of the night is either Porter Jr being drafted by the Grizz or us selecting one of Porter Jr., Bagley or Doncic.

I’m here for it...

Here's to a sound medical report and tons of chaos on draft night!