Draft Notes From Grizz Workout: 6/6/18 | Memphis And Jevon Carter Are Made For Each Other

Someone just get this man a Memphis As F**K T-Shirt ASAP.

That was my initial response after seeing Jevon Carter of West Virginia today during his draft workout.  Carter, a 6'2" 200 lb guard, who is said to be the best defensive guard in college basketball, is also known as being the man that "broke Trae Young" and initiated Young's decline from what was at the time a one-man destruction of college basketball.  The Grizzlies hosted him along with several other prospects including Jaylen Barford (Arkansas), Rodney Bullock (Providence), Trevon Duval (Duke), Jairus Lyles (UMBC) and Duncan Robinson (Michigan).


Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace on Carter

"Many of the experts in college basketball felt he was the best defensive guard in the country. He's really powerful. He's got great defensive hands. He's a big winner," said Wallace who also mention his team, West Virginia's Sweet 16 run and tough loss to eventual champions Villanova.

"His offensive output and shooting percentages rose every year. He's a winning, comptetitive, high-octane player on the defensive end."

When asked what he can bring to the NBA, Carter responded, "Defense, a winning mentality leadership and just playing hard every possession."

Carter surprisingly said that didn't want to hear any feedback that his agent was getting from teams as far as where he might land in the draft as well saying that he "wants it all to be a surprise."

On the draft process

"It's amazing. It's what you live for," said Carter I've been blessed to this point. I've been able to work out for a bunch of team's and show what I can do. Get more eyes on me to let them know that I'm here."

On how he feels about the Grizzlies and having local roots

I like the Grizzlies a lot," said Carter.  "My mom is from Memphis. I've been to Memphis plenty of times. I love it hereBeen to a lot of games when I was younger." 


"It's like my second home"

"The workout went well," Carter added. "I think I did good. I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of competing.  A lot of up and down. A lot of hard work. A lot of fighting. Just what I like to do honestly"

"Just keeping doing what I do." was Carter's response when asked what suggestions teams, including the Grizzlies have told him when he comes in for workouts.  Carter seemed optimistic about possibly finding a landing spot in the place that called his "second home" saying "hopefully I'm still available when they get a pick and we'll see what happens."

On his offensive game

"That's gonna be a surprise," said Carter. "I'mma keep my mouth closed on that one."

I was able to see him during his three point drill and his shot looked well and he was shooting at a high clip.

On player comparisons

Any player that can possibly be associated with the Grizzlies who is a defensive minded guard will be compared to Tony Allen and Carter spoke about that when I asked him as well as other players that he is often compared to.

"Yeah. I've heard Tony Allen, Patrick Beverly, Avery Bradley," said Carter. "There's been a lot of comparisons but I don't really pay attention to that stuff. I just go I just play, and whatever happens - happens."

Most mock drafts have Carter going after the Grizzlies pick at 32 and I personally think that might be a little high for him but count me in as a person that would not be disappointed if the Grizzlies brought him home on draft night.  He's tough, started to lose his hair WAY too early, looks way older than he actually is and legit looks like he might kill somebody. I mean look at this dude. SIGN ME UP!