Should The Grizzlies Try To Use The Fourth Overall Pick To Trade Chandler Parsons?

Well before the Grizzlies knew where they would be selecting in the NBA Draft, fans and media began to throw out possible trade scenarios.  Many of these scenarios included packaging Chandler Parsons along with the Grizzlies number 4 pick to someone who is willing to absorb his albatross contract in an effort to move up in the draft.  I'll take a moment today to share my thoughts on any and every trade scenario that I've seen that involves trading the fourth pick to get off of Parsons.


Okay, go back to whatever you were doing. Blog is over. There's your answer. 

But seriously I am totally against any trade scenario that would move Chandler Parsons requiring us to give up our first round pick.  It's dangerous. It's shortsighted. It's compounding a bad move with another bad move.  It's mortgaging your future for a situation that has a definite expiration date.  I say this because Chandler Parsons has two years remaining on it and then it's over. It's done.  You have no more obligation to him.  Plus after next season his final year $25 million expiring contract could garner a huge return in the trade market, plus you'd still have the player that you actually picked at number 4 instead of trading him away.

Something that also needs to be shot down before I proceed is the idea that a team would be willing to trade you their first round pick in return for Parsons and the fourth pick.  Sorry Twitter, Facebook, and message board GM's but that's flat out not happening.  No team is going to take Parsons' contract, give you either massive cap relief or quality players back AND give you their first round pick. It's just not happening and just because you can make it happen with the NBA Trade Machine or the CPU accepted it on NBA 2k MyGM mode doesn't mean that it's got a change to happen in real life.  If you trade the pick and Parsons you will get back players to make the numbers work - and I'm sure it will just be that - guys that make the numbers work.  You're not getting Tobias Harris, Patrick Beverly, plus picks 12 and 13 or whatever other dream idea that I've seen. You’re also not getting a team to absorb his deal leaving you with cap space. 


The Chandler Parsons era/error has been a disaster so far. No one can deny that.  The player that was signed to transition the Core Four/GNG era into a new Core Three era came in with knee injuries that have caused both Parsons and the Grizzlies to become the butt of a never ending joke for the past two seasons. Parsons tenure here has not come without bright moments thought as Parsons exhibited great play when he actually played this season.  There has also been a lot of mass assumption and murmurings that if the Grizzlies had not have been tanking this season that he would've been able to play in significantly more games.  Maybe taking more time off to heal, rehab and condition may be the needed recipe for Parsons to look closer to his expectations upon signing with the Grizzlies.

I'm not a fan of trading the fourth pick period, which is something that I will discuss more in a future blog but I'm definitely not a fan of trading it away just to get off of Parson's deal. Especially when his contract will actually have value in it's final season and that he could actually be **gasp** productive next season.  I also agree with the takes that Chip Crain made about using this years draft as a starting point to strive for bigger goals and not just patching together a team to make the playoffs.  So stop it. Embrace the fact that Parsons will be here.  Start looking at guys or assets that you might want to trade for during the 2019-20 season when his contract is expiring and you can actually get value.  AND STAY AWAY FROM MY FOUR PICK!

GrizzAnthony Sain