Could Memphis Be The Spot For A Knox Landing?

With several rumors emerging concerning the Grizzlies possibly trading the forth overall pick in Thursdays NBA Draft, a name has emerged as to who the Grizzlies may actually target if they decide to go this route.  As mentioned in the latest edition of The Outsiders Podcast, versatile Kentucky forward Kevin Knox is a name that sources have conveyed to BLU3WorldOrder/The Outsiders that the Grizzlies have significant interest in.

The belief is that the Grizzlies are hoping on either Luka Doncic being available at four but they will also take a hard look at trading down for Knox if a trade becomes available.  This could be a package that includes pick number 7 and possibly 22 from Chicago for 4 and 32 from Memphis seeing that Chicago has had long time mutual interest in Michael Porter Jr. A player like Bobby Portis could also be added to the trade coming to Memphis. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 3.20.41 PM.png

Knox has shown a knack for scoring inside and out, but has been criticized for not showing the desire to take over games when called upon.  He's athletic and smooth and has been compared to players such as Brandon Ingram, Jason Tatum,Paul George, Rudy Gay and Harrison Barnes.  Knox is rising big time in draft projections over the last few weeks and many believe that he has gained a spot within the Top 10 as of late. With players like Kyle Kuzma and Donovan Mitchell rising among the top of their draft classes, the Grizzlies might see him as someone with this same potential.  Stay tuned to BLU3WorldOrder and The Outsiders Podcast as more information becomes available closer to the draft.