Is There Mutual Interest Between The Memphis Grizzlies and Michael Porter Jr?

With the NBA draft still weeks away there is still a ton of fluidity as to where potential prospects may land.  One of the biggest wildcards so far has been Missouri freshman Michael Porter Jr.  The 6'11' wing of course is a mystery because of his highly detailed back injury and the now ominous reports of Porter only being willing to release his medical records to a select group of teams.  This was addressed by 92.9 Radio Host Gary Parrish who said that if those records are not released to the Grizzlies that they will not consider drafting him. (hey look at that whole Chandler Parsons thing all becomin' a learnin' experience and stuff!)


According to information that was given to me by someone close to the situation, the Grizzlies did in fact interview Porter Jr. at the NBA Draft Combine and came away with a positive opinion of him.  I was also told that they see no reason as to why he wouldn't have mutual interest in playing for the Grizzlies as well - including releasing his medical information to us before the draft. His health is of course the most crucial element as expressed by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski who had Porter Jr. going 15th to Washington if his health is red flagged.

The Grizzlies are scheduled to evaluate him more next week and are currently attending agent workouts in Los Angeles and Las Vegas this week. Of course times change, people change and seasons change, or something like that but yeah with that being said this is an update on some things that I'm hearing for all of the #TeamMPJ fans out there like myself.  Look for more information and insight concerning Michael Porter Jr. to come to BLU3WorldOrder as well as The Outsiders Podcast.

GrizzAnthony Sain