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Mike Mularkey and the Tennessee Titans Part Ways

By: Brendan Smart (@bsmart21)

Sunday night, it was reported that the Tennessee Titans and Head Coach Mike Mularkey had agreed to a contract extension, today not polar opposite.

After a season full of fed of fans, and certain players, Head Coach Mike Mularkey had the opportunity to save his job on Sunday morning. All he had to do to keep the job were to let Offensive Coordinator Terry Robiskie let go. Sunday morning in front of the Tennessee media, Mularkey shut all questions down about Robiskie’s future with the team, “he did a great job this year,” and the famous “no staff changes this offseason.” So much rope for a guy that did not have the record to have the leash. General Manager Jon Robinson and owner Amy Adams Strunk finally let Mularkey and his staff go Monday morning.

After years of ownership issues, General Manager problems, and fan disconnect the Titans organization is in good hands. Last night I was preparing to write an article on how the fan disconnect and the organization continues, but thank goodness that did not have to happen. Normally, fans would be on the edge of their seat after a move like this, or would just settle for this season, but Robinson and Strunk have changed the face of the franchise


The timing of this could not be any sweeter, so many coaches that can adjust to quarterback Marcus Mariota’s up-tempo offensive talents.


Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator:
McDaniels is a mixed bag at this point. McDainiels has had a great history with showing new schemes, and not over thinking opponents. The downside he hasn’t had a positive season without a top notch quarterback (Peyton Manning (Broncos), Tom Brady (Patriots)). His innovative offense is what makes him so appetizing over the rest of the candidates. Robinson and McDaniels worked together in New England which makes McDaniel's the best hire by most.  

Frank Reich & John DeFilippo: Reich and DeFilippo, who helped groom Carson Wentz into the quarterback he is today. DeFilippo is not only a quarterback coach, but was the Offensive Coordinator for the Cleveland Browns in 2015. Granted, the offense was horrible, lack of weapons, and overall team morality at the time had him out in one year. I consider Reich a top option for the Titans not only for the job he did in Philadelphia, but the team he can promote and trust. It is instant offensive success.

I do not see Tennessee making a hire anytime soon, due to the two teams in the playoffs, so it is speculation at this point, but in the coming month, the Titans will have a new head coach. Either way Reich and McDaniels, are going to a great job with whomever they land with.

Tennessee Titans listened to Tom Brady

By: Brendan Smart (@bsmart21)

Remember when the New England Patriots were embarrassed in their season opener to the Kansas City Chiefs 42-27 in New England? I do, and for some reason I remember every quote Tom Brady said following that game. One quote in particular can explain the Tennessee Titans, and their recent success since week 17 against Jacksonville.

Brady was asked what he thought about the Chiefs after getting beat by them, and was asked in the same breath if the team was Super Bowl caliber. Brady responded with, “It’s all about when a team peaks. Kansas City played really well tonight, but it is all about when a team is peaking.”


Tennessee Titans Embrace Wildcard Spirit

By: Brendan Smart (@bsmart21)

The Tennessee Titans roll into Kansas City as wildcards, stun the Chiefs in a big second half comeback.

Game Summary:

Looking back on this past week, I honestly do not know how the Tennessee Titans did it. The Titans started off slow, and the Kansas City Chiefs offense was explosive in the first half. Dropping 21 points in the first half on Dick LeBeau’s strong 3-4 defense that would hold strong in the second half. At halftime, a lot of people wondered what Head Coach Mike Mularkey would say to his guys down 21-3. “Nothing, these guys know what to do. Stick to the game plan, these guys never give up and stick to the plan,” Mularkey said after the Titans crazy victory. A game that involved quarterback Marcus Mariota throwing a touchdown pass to himself, a horrible two point attempt late in the fourth, and the Titans running back Derrick Henry running “pissed off” has the Titans in the advancing to round two.